Board Chair  Ariel Bastian  
Principal Adriano Truscott
Deputy Principal Dave Sachse
Parent Representatives    
  Zoe Schmidt  
  Alex Otto  
  Chris Morlidge  
Staff Representatives Andrea Kurasho
  Kristy Manfredi
Community Representative Steph Poly  

Fremantle Primary School’s Board was formed in 2015 when the school became an Independent Public School. The School Board meets one or two times per term, usually in the evening, in the school library.

Fremantle Primary School is lucky to have such a committed and diverse Board. Members have a wide range of professional backgrounds and experiences which are highly beneficial to the school. The Board comprises of parent representatives (elected via the parent community) and staff members (elected via staff and include the Principal and Deputy Principal). Members have different tenures ranging from one to three years, to enable continuity.

The Board now provides ongoing scrutiny and accountability, especially for activities and outcomes in each of the four strategic priority areas. This overseeing ensures that the school is continually striving for excellence, and that this enables each and every student to achieve their personal best both educationally and socially.